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FarmHouse Bed & Breakfast is a Working Farm

The Farm House B&B is located on a working farm. Our cattle, llamas, and other animals live in their natural habitat which is the pasture surrounding the farmstead. The new baby calves from the beef cows are keep in a pen available for all to see. When the new calves are about 2 weeks old they go with momma to the pasture. 

Last year our cows calved in June and August so we had baby calves to feed earlier in the summer. Unfortunately, all cows do not breed back exactly when we want them to do so - this year the cows are due to calve on July 2, 2012 and in November so we will have a baby calf to feed soon - if all goes well with momma and baby. We also have baby chicks and ducks hatched the first week in May. They are in the gangly stage so they are not very cute right now. Our older chickens are free range and searching for their eggs can be a "real hunt".

You can also walk or bike the adjoining 4 mile Plum Creek Bike and Nature Trail.  Part of the trail overlooks the farm where you can see the cows and llamas grazing in the pasture. 

Sometimes the cows get very curious about the walkers and bikers and come to the fence to get a view of you. The dairy heifers on the farm are sociable and if one is willing to quietly wait, they will come up to be petted. On the trail, you will walk through our 6 acre vineyard as well as view the Farm Pond. 


Chickasaw County District # 1 Country Schoolhouse

The Plum Creek Bike and Nature Trail is a marvelous trail going through farmland, woods, along the creek, and through several parks. 

The trail also features the restored Chickasaw County District # 1 Country Schoolhouse located on our farm property.

Country Schoolhouse #1 The Chickasaw County District # 1 Country Schoolhouse was established in 1854 and operated continuously until 1958. Itís a fun building to tour and kids love to go to school in the old Country Schoolhouse.
The Plumb Creek Trail features several parks The trail features several parks with playground equipment, picnic tables and shelters.  All guests are welcome to use the trail, parks, the local swimming pool, and the local Plum Creek Golf Course.

Children find fun things to do and see all over the farm and on the trail!

Children find lots to do on the farm


Guests at Farm House B&B get to feed the chickens

Guests can help feed the Farm House chickens, gather the eggs, and then eat the fresh eggs for breakfast.  We have different breeds of chickens so you will see brown, green, blue, and white eggs on our farm.



Fishing at the pond is fun for all members of the family visiting Farm House B&B in Fredericksburg, Iowa 

Our Farm Pond is stocked with Bass, Catfish, hybrid Blue Gill, and Sun Fish and is a great place for guests to go fishing.  We have poles, spades for digging worms, and a local store that sells night crawlers.  We donít clean or fillet the fish, but we will cook/grill the cleaned fish. There are also picnic tables and a fire ring at the pond for your use and enjoyment.
H. J. (short for Herman Jr.) is our official greeter.  Our guests love him and for good reason!

The Iowa Veterinary Medical Association recognized this devoted dog with an induction into the Iowa Animal Hall of Fame in 2009 after he saved his owner's life. Read all about H.J. here.

HJ was inducted into the Iowa Animal Hall of Fame in 2009
  1. We also have peacocks, but now need to keep them penned with the chickens.  Our last pair of peacocks decided to join the wild turkeys in a nearby woods. We often hear them in the early mornings.
Farm House B&B has a large herd of llamasOur llama, Precious, had a baby boy llama in April. Our Mama llama is now 12 years old and did not have a baby this year. We were disappointed - but age is catching up with her.
The 3rd Saturday in September, the IA-MN State Line Horse Plowing Contest is held on our farm.  Teams of draft horses come from several states for this event. (Photo to left and to right.)
Every year the NE IA Antique and Engine Power Show is held the first weekend in August on land adjoining our farm.  It is a great event to learn firsthand about tilling the land with horses, threshing the grain with a steam powered threshing machine, etc. Come a week before the show and you can help shock the oats in preparation for harvest. When possible, we allow visiting children to help feed the calves. 

When making your reservation, inquiry about this possibility.


Cats galore on the farm!

Cats, Cats, Cats!

Llamas are fun when they are young!


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